VEPRIK, ALEXANDER MOISEYEVITCH (1899–1958), composer. Born in Balta (Podolia), Veprik studied at the Leipzig, St. Petersburg, and Moscow conservatories. In the Moscow school he taught orchestration from 1923 to 1942.   He belongs to the Russian and Polish Postimpressionistic school. His works of Jewish music include Songs and Dances of the Ghetto with orchestra; Jewish Songs with orchestra; and Kaddish, a song without text. His other works include two symphonies, choral works, and the opera Toktughul (1940), which was also adapted as a choral suite (1942 and 1955). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Baker, Biog Dict.; Riemann-Gurlitt2; MGG; Grove, Dict; Sendrey, Music, index. (Edith Gerson-Kiwi)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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